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Healthy Home - cares about you
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Love the way you can relax in your home knowing it’s insect and rodent free

Enjoy an amazing experience with technicians who keep you informed

Have peace of mind that Healthy Home is a phone call away

Do you feel safe from pests in your home?

Your home is the place to relax with family and friends but when a cockroach scurries across the kitchen floor relaxation time is over. Not only are they scarry looking but they carry diseases and germs. Bugs are the last things you want your children or guests to be exposed to.

Rodents also carry unwanted diseases but can be destructive too. They’re known to gnaw through insulation and wiring and can multiply quickly in any available nook or cranny.

At Healthy Home we listen to you and work with you to provide the best plan to actually solve your pest problem. Other pest control companies may have quick fixes, but Healthy Home gets to the heart of the problem and gets rid of the bugs or rodents. That’s why most of our customers come to us after trying other pest control services in the Wilmington area. We want you to get back to relaxing in your home without any unwanted pest surprises.

Serving the Greater Wilmington area.

Go with the Professional Pest Control Company

You expect clear communication, and technicians who are honest, respectful, and on time. At Healthy Home Pest Control we know that pest control is more than setting a trap and emptying it. Brian Holton the owner realized early on that the pest control business is really the “Healthy Home Business.” That’s why after years of working for another pest control company he started his own. He created a culture based on customer service which includes letting you know exactly what pests you have, and the options Healthy Home has to get rid of them.

We use state of the art communication, so you know who’s coming to your home and when they’ll be there. We follow up after the call and we’re always a phone call away.

Start my pest control job today

1. Schedule an estimate. Book online to schedule a Healthy Home estimate.

2. Know exactly what to expect. We walk you through the entire process.

3. Love the process and the result. You can relax again in your pest free home.

We realize pest infestations can be embarrassing. It doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why we make it easy to book an appointment online to quickly take care of the problem.

Here’s what your neighbors are saying:

If pests return between treatments, we will return at no extra charge.
If we’re unable to solve your pest problem, we’ll refund your last service payment.

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We help Wilmington area families have a great pest control experience

(Because we are your local family-owned pest control company)

Healthy Home Pest Control is a part of the community. So, after your job is complete, we see you on the sidelines, at the beach or in the grocery store. We look forward to seeing you where we live and know that we found the successful solution to your pest problem.

We offer a variety of
pest control services

Keep your home safe with the Healthy Home Termite Warranty

Monthly $43.00 $76.00 $93.00 $126.00
Quarterly Pest Treatments
Annual Termite Inspections
Monthly Mosquito Treatments (during season)
Callbacks allowed no charge

Don’t just wish your home
was pest free

Work with the trusted pest control professionals who can help you get back to relaxing in your home.

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