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Need service now? Call us at 910-540-1030 before 12:00 PM, Monday through Friday!
We promise to do everything possible to assist you that day.


We know you’re putting a lot of trust in our hands. Our team is highly trained and trustworthy.


We do our work in a way that ensures your family is kept safe before, during, and after service.


Two days ago we saw something rare…

A client had a big snake problem. Or a lot of little snake problems! 

We arrived and walked to a retaining wall surrounding his pool. It was only 10am, still cold, and there were easily 10 garter snakes slithering all over his wall. Above is a pic of 3 along one block of his wall. This wall is easily over a hundred feet long!

After a failed attempt to discourage the snakes using hundreds of moth balls(see above moth balls on the ground) he called Upstate Wildlife Control!

He did not want to deal with snakes while entertaining his guests. Some guests are coming this weekend, so we needed a solution to his problem and fast! Our first step will be to lower the population of the snakes by trapping. Once the population is down, we can tackle the other issue… food. The snakes want food, shelter, and water. Just like we do. We will work to control the food source and any new snakes will find his pool area less attractive. 

Call Upstate Wildlife Control at (518) 487-8282 to solve a snake issue at your house.

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