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Moisture Control

Our Moisture Control Service

As a pest control company, we spend most of our time keeping the inside of your home pest-free.  But we don’t forget about the crawl space and neither should you. Our moisture control service is designed to eliminate wood destroying insects and organisms like fungus that occur as a result of inefficient moisture control.

Our Unique Approach To Moisture Control

Solving moisture in the crawl space is our primary concern and should be the primary goal of a healthy crawl space in a healthy home.  We accomplish this with a thoughtful and scientific approach that includes vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, insulation, and encapsulation. We also include an emphasis on the ATMOX crawlspace ventilation system – a common-sense, customized technological approach to moisture control.

1. Crawl Space Inspection

Many crawl spaces in SE North Carolina homes have dirt floors – this subjects the space and structure to a considerable amount of moisture.  Once moisture enters the crawlspace, insulation and wood act much like a sponge absorbing water.  This creates higher heating and cooling bills, and fungus growth, structural damage to the home, and (last but not least!) a fertile breeding ground for termites and other wood destroying insects. Our inspectors identify these conditions and recommend the most cost-efficient, comprehensive approach to moisture remediation.

2.Crawl Space Moisture Remediation

The environment in your crawl space is crucially important to the health of your home and family. It helps regulate the atmosphere of everything above your subfloor. That’s why it’s necessary to control it with proper ventilation, ground covering and a moisture control system.  Moisture remediation may require some combination of encapsulation, insulation, dehumidification, and ventilation.

3. Humidity Control

At Healthy Home Pest Control, our goal for a healthy home is to have crawl space humidity levels that remain in mostly in the 55%-75% range.  Conventional dehumidifying systems are unable to maintain these levels evenly over the entire area of your crawlspace, resulting in uneven levels of moisture protection.  For this reason, we recommend Atmox dehumidifier systems, a state-of-the-art moisture control system that combines science, technology, and common sense to eliminate the harmful side effects of moisture in your crawl space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is yes. While builders once believed crawl space vents allowed air and moisture to move freely out of the crawl space, they actually invite more moisture in. This can lead to issues like condensation, damaged insulation, fungus growth, and rotting building materials.

We recommend installing a dehumidifier in the crawl space — but only after having all crawl space vents sealed. Otherwise, you’ll have a dehumidifier that’s trying to dehumidify the outdoors!

We typically install a dehumidifier at the end of a crawl space encapsulation project. Crawl space encapsulation involves 1) removing any standing water or fungus, 2) air sealing and applying spray foam insulation, 3) installing a vapor barrier along the floor and walls, and 4) installing an ATMOX dehumidifier to keep moisture levels under control.  The ATMOX system provides state-of-the-art dehumidification that you can monitor as needed from the comfort of your living space.

Again, our answer is yes. It’s best to treat the crawl space like the other living spaces in your home if you want optimum indoor air quality, efficiency, and comfort. Insulation and moisture barriers are excellent solution for crawl spaces because they offer not only moisture remediation but temperature control as well. 

The dehumidifier works to dry your space by pulling warm moist air into the unit and cooling the air to extract the moisture. It cools the air so the moisture in the air condenses and becomes water. The condensed water drains to the outside. The resulting drier air is heated and expelled back into your crawl space.

Through the use of controls, fans and optional dehumidifier, the ATMOX system will reduce the moisture accumulating in
the crawlspace.

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